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God or Religion takes the view that God did not invent religion, we did. Mankind has almost destroyed the world over it. The book will give you permission to embrace God without being a fan of religion.



For years I have been dissatisfied with my religion. My church likes to supersede the Bible with their own doctrine. I read this book in a weekend and it lit my fire. I should have written it. It speaks exactly to how I feel. I have since left my religion. (Coptic)


Deeper Bible takes the more difficult doctrines of the Bible and attempts to establish a position on each. Most of the doctrines mentioned in the book have caused many denominational divisions. Prepare to think.

Every time I get into the doctrinal weeds I refer to this book. I have read it multiple times. Every reading helps me with the more difficult doctrines.


Charging Hell is a metaphor for soul-winning. This instruction will help you get into the Great Commission. Once you win your first soul you will realize your purpose in life. Get in the game.

“This book is exceptionally creative and very readable. As you read the real life witnessing stories of Charles Young, you will laugh, cry, be inspired and instructed. Dr. Young offers us innovative ways to engage people while at the same time not “bruising the fruit.” In my estimation, this book has the potential to revolutionize our evangelistic effectiveness.”


A person can become physically restored in a short period of time from substance abuse. Restoration with society and family takes much longer. This book helps understand the process, with God’s help.

I read the book and couldn’t put it down. I had never even considered the story of Jacob like that. I taught my high-school students what I learned the very next chance I got. It moved me.


Reaching the world for Jesus cannot be done by accident. One must become very intentional in his thoughts, prayers, social engagements, language,,, you get it. Here is instruction and inspiration to help with that.

Several years ago I (author) taught a zoom class from Florida to Michigan. The topic was “Intentionality.” After working on an outline I got inspired that the material was good enough to pass on. So here it is.


This workbook was put together by a men’s Bible study group to provide a variety of ideas about the Bible. It will help jumpstart the novice.

I was in on the compilation of this workbook. My contribution was the question and answer section. I never thought that I would become famous.


Not all ideas about salvation are biblical. Religion has a way of adding mis-information. Better questions need to be asked. The book does that.

This book contains questions that I have never imagined. I learned some very new thoughts by reading it.

Jim Wigh

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